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Most of you must have heard about the word- Sebum. Actually it is nothing but a type of substance secreted by the sebaceous glands, essential for letting the skin stay healthy and moisturized. But an exaggerated release of sebum can lead to a myriad of issues such as- slick skin, clogged pores and break outs. In order to manage oily skin, a proper skin care routine is must. Individuals with this skin type may also experience difficulty searching for the perfect cosmetics to suit their skin, as the makeup can get blended with the sebum, giving it an unexpected consistency.

What to do?

Keeping everything aside, just because you have oily skin, doesn’t mean you can’t take a proper care of it. So, first of all, instead of following what every other person is doing, figure out what works best for you. Abstain from experimenting with anything and everything available in the market (which may make your condition worse) and stick to the oily skin products that are tried-and-tested by majority. Here are our equations and tips for all the oily skinned beauties, which will keep slickness under control.

  • Cleansing
    Start your day with a mellow water-based cleanser that helps your skin to get rid of any dirt or impurities, without clogging up your pores. Since slick skin is progressively inclined to inflammation and breakouts, the best cleanser to fight with oily skin is the one that contains Salicylic Acid. It’s a very ground-breaking BHA that exfoliates your skin well and enters your pores to remove all the impurities and excess oil. In addition to this, a face cleanser with Tea Tree Oil may also give incredible results thus, solving all your worries in a go!
  • Exfoliation
    Using a gentle exfoliator (at least two times every week) is equally significant if compared to a cleanser. When applied on sleek skin, it helps to get rid of dead skin, decreases overabundance of sebum and avoids pugging of pores that lead to breakouts.
  • Toning
    A toner suitable for oily skin prepares your skin and empowers it to assimilate the ingredients from the items you apply after it; furthermore, it limits the presence of pores and improves the texture of your skin—keeping excess oil under control.
  • Masks
    A face mask or a peel, if used once in 7-10 days can prove magical for oily skinned girls. An incredible face mask for this skin type is one that has Charcoal or Moroccan mud and works wonders for the skin. You can likewise utilize face masks and peels enriched with Glycolic Acid to keep your skin oil-free for long.
  • Sunscreen
    I know, this one’s pretty unexpected but believe me, layering on sunscreen is an extremely important part of the skin care routine. Try using a mineral-based sunscreen (containing Zinc or Titanium Dioxide) that assimilates oil and consequently helps you fight the oily skin woes.
  • Blotting papers and medicated pads
    Numerous brands make absorbent papers, which are uniquely structured to snatch out all the oil from your skin. Blotting papers won’t really act as a treatment for excessive sebum production in the skin, yet they can be utilized to take all the extra oil off your skin for quite a few hours to make it look less shiny. An individual could likewise try using cotton pads that are enriched with medicinal ingredients, like, salicylic acid or glycolic acid. These may help expel all the excess oil as the day progressed, while purifying the pores and skin.

Tips to prevent oily skin

Oily skin that is connected to inheritance or associated with changes in hormones is hard to control or manage. Nevertheless, one trick that works as a superb temporary fix is washing your face. Yes! Washing normally can lessen the measure of oil on the skin to a great extent. Use the below mentioned techniques for washing your skin :
1. Wash with a delicate cleanser and warm water.
2. Avoid cleansers with scents, included creams, or brutal synthetic compounds, which can disturb or dry out the skin, causing it to react by making more sebum.
3. Avoid loofahs and harsh washcloths, as erosion may animate the skin to make more oil.
On the off chance that this isn’t that beneficial, medicated anti-acne products may help. These items contain acids that can handle oily skin pretty well, for example,
• Salicylic acid
• Benzyl peroxide
• Glycolic acid
• Beta-hydroxyl acid

The best way to prevent oiliness of skin is to search for a well-suited skin care regime that works, and to firmly adhere to it. When it comes to oily skin, you may feel too tempted to shroud it with makeup. But the bad news is that certain makeup products, especially those that are oil-based, could exacerbate side effects or lead to clogged pores. Water-based cosmetics might be a superior alternative for some people, while others discover wearing no cosmetics works best for their skin. Many individuals likewise state their eating regimen is the thing that shields their skin from any unwanted issues. It is of utmost importance to stay hydrated; maintain a strategic distance from oily foods and Trans fats, and to eat a balanced diet brimming with nutrients.

Let’s talk about make-up primers

There’s a LOT of difference between the skin that glows and the skin that just looks greasy. Oily skin gives you a tough time fighting to shield your cosmetics from wearing off, and case you add sweltering climate and moistness to this, you may start to feel like a “sticky tub of oil”. The answer for all these issues is- PRIMER.
Everybody wishes to show off an immaculate make-up base, however holding that perfection throughout the day turns out to be a real battle if you have sticky, oily skin. Regardless of what you do, it’s difficult to direct your sebaceous glands to emit lesser oil! Yet, having said that, there’s still expectation. Because of a well-suited primer, you have the ability to guarantee that your makeup remains set throughout.
For any oily-skinned young lady, huge and open pores are a pretty common issue. It makes the skin look unattractive with foundation; additionally, the warmth and mugginess liquefies the best of make up even before I venturing out of home. This is when; a primer steps in like a true ‘savior’ keeping your makeup game flawless all day long.

How to apply a primer?

Okay, so, firstly you ought to go on a perfect clean face, after you’ve washed down and tapped on a serum and a mild moisturizer, however all of this should be done on a bare face(sans the makeup) . Utilize your fingers to mix it on, which will add some warmth to the product and enable it to be retained into your skin quicker. A common error that most of the girls do is taking too much of the product, which can eventually prompt your makeup to slip off. Also, to get the extreme advantages, you need to let your skin to completely retain the primer before you start with the next steps.

Tried and tested Primers for oily skinned beauties

Put aside the cotton pads and try using one of these covert marvels. Inside the mountains of choices, there are a bunch that can be counted as best, and when you discover them, they’ll undoubtedly be a game-changer!
Here are the best primers out there, from high-end brands to affordable drugstore versions, that’ll surely bring an instant smile to all our oily skinned beauties.

Let’s begin with the best primers from high-end brands that are worth every penny:

Smashbox Photo Finish Pore Minimising Primer


Known to mattify the skin and control greasy appearance for as long as eight hours, Smashbox Photo Finish Pore Minimizing Primer commendably smoothens the skin working like magic for oily and combination skin types. With a velvety consistency which skims on to and dissolves in to the skin, the primer feels so lightweight on the skin yet makes the ideal base to keep your cosmetics set throughout the day without fading. And now, the super-secret, this works amazingly well even when used after applying make-up, to set it. Yes, you read it right! This is something which is novel about this item. This can be the absolute first and the last item in your make-up regime.

Key points:
• Magically conceals the huge pores.
• Creates an ideal canvas for cosmetics.
• Helps cosmetics remain for a prolonged stretch of time (more than 8-10 hours).
• Does not obstruct pores and doesn’t bring on any breakouts.
• Lightweight- not at all heavy on your skin and subsequently doesn’t cause perspiration as well.
• Keeps face matte and sans shine.
• Can be utilized to set up make up also. (pretty little secret)
• Gets blended and absorbed rapidly, making it extremely simple to work with.
• Very little quantity of product goes a long way.
Price: Rs.2900

Benefit the POREfessional Primer


The POREfessional Primer has for quite some time been viewed as perhaps the best introduction for greasy skin. Sans oil and ultra-lightweight, the primer makes an ideal base for cosmetics and even attempts to enrich the skin with a portion of Vitamin E. Underneath foundation , it keeps your base set throughout the day and night without creasing or blurring away. All oily skin troubles solved! This lightweight gel goes on effortlessly blurring out any spots and pores. It professes to leave skin looking digitally embellished throughout the day — with or without any makeup.

Key points:
• It comes foil fixed which guarantees the freshness of the product
• It is somewhat tinted however blends into the skin well, turning transparent.
• Excellent packaging
• It works incredible as a make-up base
• Controls oil of skin pretty well
• No acne or breakouts
• Smoothens the face by mellowing fine lines, accordingly making face ideal for makeup
• It dries fast and it has a smooth finish to it while blended
• Complete list of ingredients mentioned

Price: Rs.3000

M.A.C Prep + Prime Pore Refiner Stick


MAC prep + prime pore refiner stick gives impeccable texture to the skin; it makes the skin incredibly smooth and delicate to touch. Likewise, as the name characterizes itself, it is a primer that sets the make-up right, makes it free of patchiness of any sort and fills the pores. All things considered, it is perhaps the best introduction for greasy skin. Besides, a little goes far so it will keep going for a considerable length of time and months. MAC have discovered the ideal offset with their Pore Refiner Stick. It conveys on what it guarantees. And keeping in mind that it may be more costly than most, they compensate for it in flawless execution.

Key points:
-Dermatologically tested and safe for skin prone to breakouts
-Keeps the skin hydrated for a long time
-Perfect for managing the greasiness throughout the day
– Extremely blendable, glides easily and smoothens the skin like a dream

Price: Rs.2300

Clinique Superprimer Universal Face Primer


This superb primer from Clinique smoothens out the uneven skin surface, prepares a perfect canvas for make-up application and makes it last longer. With this on, you can be certain that your make-up goes on uniformly and stays unaltered for long. Interestingly, it is lightweight and oil free, and doesn’t cause or exasperate skin break out. Going to the best element, you can wear just the primer and get a matte face for over 3 hours (without substantial cosmetics on top). You might find it really difficult to use piles of foundation or compact in summers, but with this magical product, you can totally skip it all!

Key points:
• Water based, oil free primer
• Dermatologically tested, non-allergic, scent free.
• Contains a decent measure of anti-oxidants.
• Will not promote or trigger skin break out.
• Creates a smooth base on the skin.
• Does not dry out the skin.
• Instead of having a matte formula, moisturizes the skin well.
• Can be worn alone.
• Not tinted.

Price: Rs.2900

Dermalogica Skinperfect Primer SPF 30


Dermalogica skin perfect primer contains SPF 30 which makes it ideal to be utilized in the mid-year season since it contains SPF and is more than perfect for the individuals who have greasy skin. Additionally, this primer is enriched with characteristic minerals and has an impartial tint that helps adjust the skin tone. This smooth primer immaculately evens out the skin surface, making it smoother. Pearl Powder and minerals give an appealing tint adding iridescence, helping to brighten up the face on application.

Key points:
• Targets skin ageing
• Provides a smooth surface and non-greasy feel
• Paraben free and cruelty-free.

Price: Rs.3685

Finding the prices too high to suit your budget? Or just not willing enough to spend so much on a makeup product? Let’s delve into some affordable options, you can blindly trust upon!

Colorbar perfect match primer


Colorbar perfect match primer is sans oil and gives a silk finish that is bound to make you fall in love! It very efficiently covers the fine lines, blemishes and uneven skin. It is silicon based primer, with a soft gel like consistency that assimilates in the skin and helps the makeup to glide on effectively leaving the skin smooth and soft. The item doesn’t stop up your pores while controlling overabundance of sebum generation on your skin.

Key points
• Free of oil
• Vitamin E enriched
• Anti-oxidant power
• Moisturizes the skin
• Free from parabens, allergens, and aromas.
• Colorbar is a cruelty-free brand
Price: Rs.850

L’oreal Paris base magique transforming primer


L’oreal Paris base magique transforming primer smoothens the pores in a split second and gives a smooth surface to make the foundation application effortless. It is known to have elastomers that immediately smoothen the scarce differences and limit the presence of pores. Additionally, it has non-oily formula due to the presence of delicate powders that control overabundance sebum on the skin and mattify it, making L’Oreal Paris base magique transforming primer a perfectly suitable primer for greasy skin.

Key Points:

• Works like magic on fine lines, unevenness and pores.
• Contains delicate powders that help to control excess sebum and gives a matte look.
• Enables smooth application.
• Makes the makeup last a lot longer.
Price: Rs.970

LAKME ABSOLUTE Blur perfect primer


The consistency resembles a delicate cream that mixes super easily. This primer glides and blends beyond imagination and feels extremely light on skin. You, for the most part would need a limited quantity of this product as even a pea sized amount goes a long way. It gets pleasantly absorbed into the skin and settles down to a smooth matte finish. It gives that ideal, matte and smooth appearance, and makes the skin feel oh-so-soft. Skin seems more splendid and even one tone lighter. It additionally blurs the appearance of blemishes and spots as well.

Key points
• Packaging is very sleek and travel-friendly.
• Affordable enough
• A little amount of product goes far.
• Soft velvety consistency that’s super easy to blend
• Provides an ideal smooth matte finish.
• Hides enormous open pores and makes the spots and blemishes barely recognizable.
• Makes the makeup products last longer.
• Controls oil and shine for around 5-6 hours and doesn’t let the foundation crease.
• No breakouts, extremely safe for acne-prone, sensitive skin types.
Price: Rs. 650

PAC Pore Primer


As the name itself suggests, PAC pore primer, commendably reduces the presence of pores and makes the skin look even. Additionally, it is truly light weight on the skin, and gives a very thin and smooth layer that prevents the cosmetics look patchy. The oil-free formula of this primer is impeccable for those with oily skin as it would not feel greasy on the skin.

Key points:
• Silky finish, buttery soft consistency
• Gives mattifying look
• No more pores
• Translucent primer
• Doesn’t feel heavy or cakey on the skin
Price: Rs. 845

L. A. Girl’s Pro Prep Smoothing Face Primer


Make your makeup last throughout the day with L.A. Girl’s Pro Prep Smoothing Face Primer. Its commendable formula makes a smooth base by filling in pores and reducing the appearance of fine lines while giving the perfect surface for make-up. It’s infused with light-diffusing particles and enriched with Vitamin E to give you a spotless finish, even in the photographs! Not just makes your makeup remain for the entire day, but in addition hydrates your skin well.
Key points:
• Softens skin giving it a flawless finish
• Lightweight
• Paraben and scent free
• Pretty affordable
• Has light diffusing particles that limit the presence of open pores, fine lines and wrinkles.
Price: Rs. 850

Revolution Pro Pore Primer

Revolution Pro

Make-up Revolution is simply too great to even consider being called as a drugstore brand. And you won’t disagree if you’ve tried any of its products. Their items genuinely have an extravagance, a sense of luxurious appeal to them. It has satiny cream-gel like consistency and blends like a dream into skin to create a silky finish that visibly blurs the appearance of fine lines and pores. Its lightweight oil-free formula makes it one of the most popular primers among women with such skin type.

Key points:
• It is a cruelty-free primer
• Oil free formula, gel+ cream consistency
• Blends beautifully on the skin.

Price: Rs.1050

Lotus makeup ecostay Insta smooth perfecting primer


This gel based weightless primer’s natural ingredients and non-comedogenic formula, make it perfect for those having sensitive, acne-prone skin. It adequately levels out the skin tone and productively decreases the presence of pores, spots and acne – scars.
Key points:
• Light Weight, easy to carry.
• Pretty light on your pocket, budget-friendly.
• No unwanted scent or tint
• Super smooth silicone gel that coasts flawlessly.
• Blurs out the pores and gives a perfect look.
• Makes skin very smooth and delicate in a flash.
• Has a decent smooth, sleek and flawless matte finish.
• Doesn’t lead to patchiness or dryness.
• Keeps your skin hydrated and oil free for a respectable measure of time.
• Makes the makeup last more without fading off easily or getting creased.
• Good for all skin types, especially for oily skinned people.

Price: Rs. 695

So, here we come to the end. All in all, what must be kept in mind is that, having a primer that suits your skin type, is extremely crucial in any girl’s make-up vanity. And it turns all the more important for oily skinned girls, with acne-prone skin.
As there obviously is no point applying all those costly products on your face if all of it keeps running down at last, leaving you look sleek and sticky! The best make up primer for oily skin will ensure that it endures longer, without any excess oil production.
But as far as a perfect solution of greasy skin is concerned, what works the best for you is completely a personal experience. Search for a product that suits you best, and adhere to it. Try to work on controlling the factors responsible for excessive sebum production with the help of a dermatologist. An individual with repeated acne and other side effects of oily skin ought to consult a skin specialist for the most ideal approach to ensure a happier, healthier skin and to prevent any severe complications that may follow.


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