Women Accessories - Hat, Glasses
Women Accessories

We all face the same confusion of what to wear today. Every morning when we are in a rush to get ready for work this question bangs us. How much thought and effort do we put everyday just to look nice don’t we? Getting well dressed for the day not only makes us feel fresh and energized, but also sets the mood for our day. When we are satisfied enough with our look into the mirror it makes us feel more confident, beautiful. And with that extra boost you are ready to conquer the day. But when we are in a hurry and we put anything on with a rush we are quite unsure and unhappy about the outfit and you step out of the house with less confidence, a little less cheery and your day starts with you being frizzy and unsure.

So, let us learn some tips to ensure that you look nice every time you step out of your house looking the best.

Your closet deserves to be kept organized

Rather than throwing your outfits around your room while selecting a specific one try to keep them in place. Declutter your wardrobe by donating or selling the old pieces or the ones you don’t love. Then organize the items according to categories. Buy a shoe rack so that you can visualize the pair which can go well with your outfit. Fold the clothes and hung the rest on hangers. While doing so, you speed up your time of selecting an outfit helping you to edit your look along with helping you know on which piece you are working.Women's Organized Wardrobe

Pre-plan your outfits

Giving yourself adequate time to plan an outfit beforehand ensures you a more put together look rather than something you throw on to avoid being late or when you are in a frenzy. Instead of being late every day or assembling the same look again and again you should organize a ready to go outfit beforehand. These stylish, pre-selected looks in your closet will make you run smoothly even when you are running late.

It’s fit to wear fit

A look put together with fitted outfit does give you a smooth sexy and appealing look. Always buy the right size for your body and if they are not you better speed dial your tailor to tweak them into a perfect fit. Even if it’s a pair of jeans that have been hemmed or a simple cocktail dress nothing can beat the look of a perfect fit outfit.

Balancing out the top and bottom

Just because you see a model or actress pulling of any tight or entirely loose outfit very well, it’s not for us. We need to strike a balance to pull a successful outfit. In an outfit the top and bottom should compliment each other. While wearing a loose shirt, pair it with tight pants and while you’re wearing a wide leg pants or loose skirt partner it up with a fitted or crop top.Skirt with Crop Top

Mix and match patterns

What better fun than to add patterns and then mixing them is much better. Stop sticking around with basic colors and go bold for checks, stripes, florals, gingham. Just make sure that they compliment each other and don’t clash with each other. While trying this choose one focal design and accent your outfit with another. You can also opt for two patterns with matching or complementary color palettes.Strip Dress Fashion

Select colors to go off well with your skin tone

We always wonder why some colors look great on us and others don’t. The reason is our skin tone. It’s good to try other colors too, but try to go for the ones which highlights your skin tone. If you have a cool complexion choose colors like white, black, silver, blue and grey. And if you have warm undertones go for brown, yellow, gold or red.Dress According to Complexion

Accessorizing is important

The addition of accessories is the final step towards completing all your outfits. They have the power to convert all your outfits from good to great. May it simply be the addition of a simple belt or a statement piece of necklace they do the magic. So, the addition of accessories to your wardrobe is a must. Stylish bags, shoes, hats, sunglasses and jewelry are some of the essential accessories you should own.

Women Accessories - Hat, Glasses

Learn to layer

Layering can turn the edge of your outfit from simple to great. Layering not only displays less skin, but also allows more creativity to go with your outfit. Try to stick to one color while layering that is the colors which fit in the same family. Try a belted or fitted jacket to enhance your shape. Keep the layers in such a way that it should not hide your body shape and you can take it off without causing the embarrassment of what’s below. Also choose thin fabrics while layering.

Layered Outfit - Fitted Jacket

Jackets are a must

Jackets are a very essential part of your wardrobe. Every stylish lady needs to have a leather, denim and tailored blazer in her wardrobe. The tailored blazer can cover up for your work and formal occasions where as the denim jacket will certainly give you the perfect casual look. And the leather jacket is perfect for edgy outfits and casual evenings. So, when you are late and need to cover up well, they are there to save you.

Women Leather Jacket

Now when you have got the much needed fashion tips, gear up and turn all the gazes towards a stylish you.


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