May it be the glamorous office party or the traditional family function or even the regular office look there’s one product we can’t leave the house without…Kajal. Even with a no makeup look kajal still accompanies us and makes our eyes look bold, big and appealing. But the mood spoiler is when it smudges. From being a sexy wild cat it converts you into a koala bear. Sounds disastrous right? But it really does. 

Today we will give you a few tips on how to apply kajal and how to prevent it from smudging. Because after reading this blog you will be thanking us for saving you from the future embarrassment of a horrified  black eye look. 

Keep it clean from the start

Apply Ice Under Eye

Just like you wash your face before applying anything to your face same applies in the case of kajal too. Make sure to wash your face and clean the areas under your eyes thoroughly. If your skin is too oily then you can try this knack of applying ice cubes under your eyes to avoid greasiness and also will make your eyes look fresh and bright.

Are you doing it right?

Applying kajal from outer side

Most of us don’t know the right way to apply kajal. Now if you must be thinking of that is there also a way to apply kajal? Yes there is. Start applying kajal from the outer corners and not the other way around. Also use short strokes when you come covering the inner part.

Shadow to your rescue

Applying Eye Shadow

If you want to ensure long-lasting kajal use an eye shadow of similar color as that of the kajal. Immerse the flat brush into it and start applying it below your inner lids. Doing this will keep the kajal in place and will protect it from running out onto your under-eye area. 

Time to say goodbye to the old ones

Gel Liner

It’s time to say goodbye to your old kajal if your kajal always smudges and your eyes are watery after applying it. You can use a gel liner with a brush or simply a kajal pencil of a good brand. 

Cut upon the corners

Kajal From Outside to Innerside

You should try to skip applying kajal in the inner corners or can apply very light strokes there. Apply dark strokes in the middle but not too dark as it spreads in the corners and is one of the main reasons for smudging.

Dab it off

Dab some setting powder near the corner of your eyes to keep the oiliness in control and also to keep the kajal in place even on a hot humid day.

It’s good to be prepared

Makeup Wipes

If you smudge your kajal accidentally and you have a way for doing that many times then its better to carry face wipes or cotton swabs in your purse to fix your makeup or to remove oiliness or greasiness. 

Test the kajal you use

Many a time its not oily skin or watery eyes which leads to smudging of your kajal but the kajal you use. If you are frequently noticing that your kajal is getting smudged then it’s better to replace it for good. 


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