Trending Men Hairstyles

Men’s hairstyles never experience drastic change. Some fashion statements of the previous century still hold sway over the hairstyle scene today. However, modifications are being continuously done to the popular hairstyles and trends are being changed every day.
What it work for one man may not work for another. Each hairstyle has a different face type that suits it the best. Therefore, it is important that you take the advice of a barber or hairstylist before picking a hairstyle.
The best way to convey the style you want to your barber is to carry a picture with you. Here are some of the most popular hairstyles today that you can take inspiration from.


Quiff Men Hairstyle

The Quiff has been around since the 1950s and is showing no sign of dying out. It gives a classic look that is so popular with men. It has been combined with many other hairstyles like the fade to create slightly different looks.


Modern Pompadour Men Hairstyle

This is another hairstyle that has remained popular over long years. Pompadour shares some resemblance with the Quiff, but comes across as much more professional. While the Quiff focuses on giving the face height, the Pompadour sleekly pushes the hair back to give a well-groomed look. A Pompadour can be combined with undercuts and fades to refresh the traditional look.

Ivy League

Ivy League

The Ivy League is quite similar to the Crew cut. Even the cutting is done in the same way. However, more amount of hair is left on the top, so that it can be parted easily. It provides a classy look, that is much different from the military look of the crew cut. It can be combined with the Taper Fade to bring in variations.

Sweep back + high fadeSweep Back Men Hairstyle


A slightly more formal hairstyle, the Sweep back pushes the hair on the top of your head back. This part may be slightly textured but is definitely not to be kept slick. You may add a slight wave to the look. The fade goes short quickly instead of down.

Textured spikes + fade

Textured Spike

Texturing is one of the hottest trends today. Add texture to the Spikes and you have a great look. This look has been spoted by a great many celebrities. You can combine this look with various fading styles to experiment.

Slick back

Sweep Back High Fade

Another classic from the previous century, the hairstyle is still quite widely popular. It is used by many professionals, businessmen and such. You may combine this with the Undercut to refresh the look.

Angular Fringe

Angular Fringe Men Hairstyle

A casual hairstyle, it is quite popular among the youngsters. Keep the hair on the sides short and the hair on the top medium length. The hair on the top can then be textured, kept sleek or messy. You can straighten the fringe as well. There are many ways to experiment with this hairstyle.


For those looking for a new a look, you should definitely try one of the hairstyles mentioned above. Most importantly, consult with a barber or hairstylist before going for anything radically new. There are other popular hairstyles that also worth considering.


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