Hello, my beauties!
Today I’m bringing to you something that’ll definitely make you smile wider!
Ever got stuck in a situation when you need to rush to the office, and the iron stops working just before you could get rid of all the wrinkles in your shirt? Ever felt frustrated when your favorite bodycon dress seems to ride up while walking? Ever wanted to bang your head on the wall (please don’t do that!) when you urgently need to take off that chipped nail-paint and the bottle of the remover is empty?
Each of us yearns to look ‘on top of the game’ every time we step out of the house but there certainly are some unexpected situations that seem to drive us mad. But, the good news is that if dealt with patience, presence of mind and creativity, all of these situations can be tackled pretty well. So, here I am, ready to save you from all such tricky conditions with the help of 26 superbly innovative DIY hacks (thank me later!). All of these are really easy, pocket-friendly, time-saving and are sure to leave you super-surprised!
So, let’s get going…

Bye-bye greasy nose!

I guess this one’s a REAL issue for most of us! No matter how hard you try and no matter what products you use, the moment it gets a little too warm, or just after an hour or so of stepping out in the sun, the shiniest member of the face suddenly pops up- THE NOSE! It gets really frustrating at times, as nothing seems to keep that extra shiny and greasy nose, under control. So, here’s the trick- spray some DEODORANT onto the bridge of your nose before you plan to step out and see the results yourself!

Make-up removal made easy

Almond oil

Running out of a make-up remover? Or just do not wish to use makeup removing products laden with chemicals?
In either of the case, ALMOND OIL is here to save the day! Known for its incredible pimple-fighting properties, almond oil can very efficiently be used to remove your makeup. All you’ve to do is massage the oil onto your face for a minute or so and wipe it off with a clean cotton pad. Easy?

Say NO to flaky lips

Flaky lips

Is having dry and flaky lips a big turn off for you? Then, I have brought a DIY hack that’ll work like a charm! The best way to deal with dry and flaky lips is to take time out for some gentle scrubbing. This’ll not only exfoliate and gently heal the lips but also make them appear healthier and fuller as before.

All you have to do is:

Take a bowl and mix some sugar, lemon juice and a few drops of coconut oil in order to prepare a mild scrub. You can also use an old toothbrush and use a lip balm at the end. Preparing your lips well in advance will also help your lip shade to stay for a longer time. Try it on!

Set your hairstyle to perfection

Tired of setting and re-setting your hair all day long? Tired of seeing all your hairstyles getting ruined within a few hours? Try using a hair spray not just directly on to your tresses, but also on your bobby pins before you make a hairstyle. This’ll make the pins stay in place and will ensure that your hair stays set for the entire day. All set to experiment with some new hairstyles? Get going, girl!

Solve the mystery behind tangled jewellery

Most of us love to wear chains and long neckpieces, though in maximum cases it gets very hard to untangle them when in a hurry. Especially the neck-pieces that are made of multiple long chains. Untangling this type of jewellery is really frustrating at times. A very easy solution is to sprinkle some baby powder and then, try to “solve the puzzle” slowly with the help of a pin. It’ll definitely reduce your time and effort. Though it must be remembered that using too much powder will increase your efforts as you’ll have to spend a lot of time cleaning the jewellery. So, take special care of this.

Easy nail polish remover at home

You must have some time or the other, got stuck in a situation when you’re in a dire need to take off the dark chipped nail paint and the bottle of remover is empty!
But from now on, you really don’t have to freak out. All you need to do is, squeeze a lemon into a bowl, mix it with three teaspoons of apple cider vinegar or white vinegar and dip your fingers in this ‘magical’ mixture for almost 30-40 seconds. In the end, wipe off the nail paint using makeup removal cotton pads.
Also, I would suggest you dip your fingers in warm water before using this mixture as; this’ll soften the nail polish well in advance and make it a lot easier to remove it off.

A superb alternative for a shaving cream

Shaving is indeed a super-easy method to get rid of unwanted hair from your legs or arms. It comes to our rescue, especially when we’re running out of time. But there certainly are times, when we run out of shaving cream and there really is no shaving base left. I would recommend using a hair conditioner as it has a thick consistency and softens the skin as well. Go, flaunt that little black dress with utmost confidence!

Trick to have fuller lashes

Fuller Lashes

You might have been bombarded with a long list of what a mascara does for your lashes- provides length, makes them appear fuller, heavier, healthier, shinier and the list go on and on…
But to be honest, it might not be true for most of the products! Don’t get disheartened though, because I’ve got a superb trick for you.
After applying the first coat of mascara, use a brush or a cotton swab to dust some baby powder onto your lashes and then, apply a second coat of mascara to “seal the deal”. Results? Let them speak for themselves.

Cheat code to have a cream blush

As the winters are around the corner and the wedding season has almost begun, you might prefer to use a cream blush instead of a powder one, as it undoubtedly adds that extra glow and lifts up your look to greater heights.
But what if you don’t have a cream blush and are not even sure if you want to purchase one? Simple. Take a little amount of your favorite pink lipstick and mix it with some moisturizer on the outer side of your wrist. Dab it lightly on your cheekbones and you’re all set to glow like a diva!

Give your normal nail polish, a quick matte look

Are you a die-hard fan of nail paints that give a matte finish? These have certainly been in trend since quite a long time now, but what if you do not have a matte version of the shade you need to apply urgently? The trick is to quickly convert your normal glossy nail polish into a matte one by adding a little corn starch to it. Yes! You read it right! Don’t be so surprised, instead, go and try it for yourself ladies. Thank me later!

No more cracked heels

Winter season brings a lot of worries with it too, and the most important one for most of the women is- dry, horny, cracked heels. Many women, even experience a lot of pain or some bleeding along with the cracks. So, a very simple solution to tackle this issue is to apply a thick consistency moisturizer or a thick coat of Vaseline petroleum jelly at night. Put on your socks and go off to sleep. It’ll surely be a “GOOD” morning for you, when you wake up! Pinky promise!

Fastening bracelets, the easier way

Fastening A Bracelet

Yeah, it’s indeed romantic to ask your partner to fasten the bracelet on your wrist. And I’m absolutely not telling you to not do that. But what if someday you’re all alone, with a scarcity of time and the bracelet keeps slipping off while you try to fasten it. That is when this hack will come to your rescue.
All you need to do is take a hair clip and open it so as to form an S with two ends looking like hooks. Now, simply use one hook to hold the small ring at the end of your bracelet. Use your other hand to wrap the bracelet as well.

Mattify your lipstick and make it last longer

Matte lipsticks are so on, these days! But the good quality ones are a little high in price range and most of us, already have creamy lipsticks in the makeup kitty. What if you could transform these creamy finish lipsticks into their matte versions and also make them stay a lot longer on your lips? Sounds interesting? So, here’s the trick- Apply the lip shade, put a tissue paper over it and dust the tissue with some baby powder. This’ll instantly mattify the appearance and will make it last for at least double the time.

Perfect winged eyeliner

Most of us are just too freakin’ crazy about a cat-eye look. All the celebrities who flaunt an oh-so-perfect winged eyeliner make us envy them all the more. Agreed?
So, what’s really the hack behind preventing any unstable liner looks and avoiding any differences between both the eyes? The trick is extremely simple- USE A CREDIT CARD! Yes! Incline the credit card at an angle that you wish to, and use it as a base (just like you used a ruler while drawing diagrams in school) to line your lid with utmost perfection. And, you’re done!

How to adjust with a foundation of wrong shade?

Now, this one’s pretty common. We read about a new foundation formula on a blog or see them in a video, make a guess and purchase a wrong shade from some online store. When stuck in such situations, you don’t have to freak out! All you got to do is mix a moisturizer whenever you apply the foundation. This’ll change the shade and it makes it at least 2-3 tones lighter. Happy?

Nail art at home

Nail art

Too envious to see girls flaunting their nail arts but don’t really have the money to get one done for yourself? Or just too excited to experiment with your nails and try something new? In either of the cases, you got to try this super-easy nail art hack.
All you need to do is choose two complementing shades of nail paints and apply one of those as a base. Cut a bandage from the ends so that you’re left with the center with has holes. Now, put this patterned bandage on your nail, and apply a coat of the second shade that you chose. There you go! A classy polka dot design is all set to be flaunted!

DIY shimmery skin

Our skin surely hates the winter season, as cold days make the skin appear dull, dry and under-nourished. An incredible hack to magically transform your skin and make it look shinier is to add a little highlighter to your moisturizer. This trick truly works wonders! You can also use this hack when you want to flaunt your arms or legs in order to make them appear glimmering and glowing.

Convert normal sweaters into crop versions

I know. I know. Most of you adore cropped sweaters to bits and I don’t disagree either. After all, these can really lift up the look and make you feel like a diva instantly. But what if you don’t have one? Obviously you can go and purchase it, although you don’t need to. Just take a normal length sweater that’s a little loose on you. Now, fold it inwards and tuck it into your bra. The elastic of your bra will ensure that the sweater stays in place, all day long!
Pair it with your favorite tube skirt and you’re all set to make many heads turn!

Prevent your dresses from riding over

No matter how gorgeous you look in a short body-hugging dress, there’s a common problem we face every time we wear one. Body con dresses tend to ride up while walking, making us feel uncomfortable every time. Now, a brilliant trick to kick off this worry from your life is by adding a layer of friction between the dress and your skin, which can easily be done by using a great pair of stockings. Available in myriad of jaw-dropping designs, stockings are indeed a brilliant option to prevent your dress from running upwards, not making you look just gorgeous but also feel confident at the same time!

Make your knee-length boots stay in place

This one’s very similar to the above hack. Knee-length boots get a little frustrating as at times, they just don’t seem to “behave”! These types of boots have a tendency to slip down while walking which certainly tests your patience (for me, it really does!). Knee-length socks can be used to tackle this issue very effectively, as they create a layer of friction between the skin and the boots, making them stay in place all through the day.

Double-sided tape – to your rescue

Double-Sided tape is not just tremendously helpful in art and craft, it also is immensely beneficial when it comes to stopping your short bodycon dress from riding up or preventing your long boots from slipping down every time you take a step forward. All you need to do is place a double-sided tape at the lower edge of your dress or upper border of your boots so, that it sticks to your skin well. Problem solved!

Too short flared skirt?

I love everything about miniskirts and, especially, the flared ones. I know, you do too! But a common problem with a little too short flared skirt is that we really don’t have the freedom to twist and twirl and be free. They create a kind of awkwardness, because of the length. So, a very easy trick is to buy a pair of comfortable biker shorts and wear them underneath the skirt, so you really don’t have to feel uncomfortable. Look confident and feel free!

Remove wrinkles from clothes without ironing

Ever got stuck in a situation, when your iron suddenly stopped working and you’ve to rush to work? If you get trapped in a similar condition ever again, try these simple methods to quickly straighten out the wrinkles, without using an iron-
• Slightly dampen the area where you see any wrinkles and now lay it on a flat surface. Switch on your hairdryer and keep it at a distance of 3-4 inches from the dress. Make sure you keep moving the dryer, so as to target the area evenly.
• For smaller areas, such a shirt collar, you can use a hair straightener as well. It is a very convenient option and undoubtedly works wonders!
• Another absolutely user-friendly hack is to use a damp towel. Yes! Just dampen a towel mildly, lay the wrinkled cloth flat on a hard surface and cover it with the towel. Now, use your hands to straighten the wrinkles out.

Style an oversized sweater like a diva

Oversized sweaters are undoubtedly very comfy and can look really appealing if styled well. These “baggy beauties” look amazing when paired with fitted leggings, but what if you wish to tuck them inside a skirt. Whenever we try to tuck it in, an oversized sweater forms, some weird pleats that look really shabby. A very effective way to prevent these pleats and create a smooth look is to tuck it inside a pair of high waist leggings or stockings. Now, wear a skirt over it and rock the trend with élan!

Tackle the loose end of the belt

Belts get really difficult to manage at times. I don’t how they’re always a little longer than the last loop! As a result, the end stays loose and keeps hanging out. A really efficient way to solve this problem is by using a clear rubber band or a hairband that matches the color of your belt. Set the band exactly where you wanted the loop to be, and say goodbye to that loosely hanging end!

No tarnished jewellery anymore

Antique silver jewellery is undoubtedly a trend that’s not going anywhere, anytime soon. Though the reason for it is pretty clear, silver jewellery goes well with most of the outfits and adds a commendable ethnic touch to your look. It goes perfectly well with indo-western outfits as well. Now let’s talk about a major source of worry- tarnished jewellery! There are many ways to clean them well, but what we need is a quick and super-effective hack. Go and buy tomato ketchup today! Don’t be surprised! It’s a super-easy and effective tip to make your tarnished jewellery look brand-new. All you have to do is, take some ketchup in a bowl, dip the jewellery in it for 40-50 seconds and use a toothbrush to clean it properly. At the end, just wash it off with lukewarm water and use a cloth to dry it well.
Just keep in mind, that keeping it in contact with the ketchup for more than a few minutes is not recommended.

Phew! Finally, we come to an end of these super-exciting DIY hacks. Incorporating these into your day-to-day life will surely sort a lot of troubles for you. Just a little creativity and presence of mind can indeed make us get rid of most of the tricky situations that life throws at us. All you got to do is to try working out with the common things you already have at home and the problem will surely be solved.
We’ll come up with another engaging article soon. Until then, take good care of yourself and FEEL BEAUTIFUL!


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