Super-creative Tricks to Curl Your Hair with a Straightener


Super-creative tricks to curl your hair with a straightener & Haircare tips that’ll keep them protected always!

Hello, my beauties!
So, the wedding season is at its peak and most of you must be having a lot of events to attend. As far as the ethnic attire is concerned, what can really “make or break” the look is undoubtedly your hairstyle. A perfectly suited hairstyle can definitely take your entire look a notch higher. And for creating a variety of awe-striking hairstyles, heating tools play a crucial role. These little babies always come to our rescue in making us look like a diva! Be it poker-straight hair, casual waves, or perfectly shaped curls- heating tools really give us a “helping hand”.
But the sad part is that using these tools directly onto the hair may end up damaging your luscious locks in the long run. Excessive heat applications lead to a myriad of problems, ranging from dryness, dullness and split ends.
Though you need not worry at all, as I’ve brought a tried-and-tested list of tips to protect your tresses from heat damage and also the best heat protectant products that’ll be your BFF.
But before going to that part, let’s just get into the most exciting segment that consists of superb hacks to use a straightener to curl your locks. Yes! We’ve got all your wedding appearances, lunch dates and formal meetings sorted! And you no more need to purchase curling iron as well. Sounds intriguing? Why wait then? Let’s jump directly into the exhaustive list of hair curling tips, by just using a straightening iron.

Tips to perfectly curl your hair with a straightener

You might have heard this technique before. You might have even wanted to give it a try.

But curling your hair with a straightener is that one hair hack that appears to be very confusing and tricky. Though, the real side of the story is just the opposite as it is quite simple and really quick. And in addition to that, there’s a lot of room for innovativeness as well!

You can make various kinds of curls with your straighteners which is not at all the case with your traditional hair curlers.

So, here are the super easy ways to use your hair straightener for achieving different types of curls in no time. Let’s get started!


You might come across a couple of different techniques that can be put to in order to create classic curls, but today, let’s discuss the one that by all accounts is the most popular and the most effective.

Please don’t forget to prepare by putting on some heat protectant spray before you get started. Now, start the process by sectioning your hair. Also, remember that the smaller are the sections you work in, the more tighter your curls will be, so make sure to think and plan about the style you’re going for before, in advance.

Begin the process of curling at the nape of your neck by clamping the straightener at least an inch away and continue by bending the iron a full 180° down and towards your head. Attempt to keep a hold on the end of your hair as you pull the iron down as it will make sure that you get super defined curls. When you’re done, just roll the curls onto your finger and finish it off with a hair setting spray. Pretty simple, isn’t it?


This one’s surely a lot less complicated than its name!

All you’ve got to do is to follow the procedure for classic curls by bending the straightening iron a full 180° down and towards your head. Now, comes the real trick. Take a wide-toothed hairbrush and comb your hair. This’ll resolve the curls a bit and give your hair a lux wavy look. You’re gonna love it, for sure!


This style particularly suits those having comparatively shorter hair in the front. Just divide your hair into smaller sections and clamp the straightener over one of these, preferably starting in the front. Slide the heating iron downwards and twist it inwards just when you’re about to reach the end. This’ll create perfect inward curls at the ends giving you a really gorgeous look.


This is one of my personal favorites!

All you need to do is wrap your hair over your finger in a tight curl and set it in place. Now clamp your straightener flat over the end of your twisted hair. Now, just hold it in place for a while and let it cool down and use a hairspray to give it some holding strength as well. This hack will give you a delicate ringlet curl and is great in case you can’t master some of the other trickier techniques. Go and try it out!


This is the only technique which I find time-consuming and tricky at times. Though, the final results are to die for!

Before starting with it, you need to keep a lot of bobby pins ready. Open the bobby pin into a V shape and place it on to the hair section, preferably near the roots. Start weaving your hair around the pin and then clamp your straightener on to the woven section. Heat the hair section properly and let it cool down. Unweave your hair, separate the strands with your fingers and see the incredible results yourself.


Run and search for a pencil, thick stick or a makeup brush. Anything that is heatproof for you to wrap your hair around will work. Now take little segments of your hair and wrap it around the pencil tightly, getting it as close to your roots as possible. Clamp it with a straightener and lock in the curls. Leave the hair to cool for a couple of moments before removing the pencil or makeup brush (whatever you’re using), in order to ensure that the curls last more. Wrap up by isolating the curls with your fingers and running some serum through the tips to make them look shinier.


Casual waves look really chic and lend you a “carefree” appearance still making sure that you look steaming hot (if styled well). And getting these isn’t that hard as well. Just take a segment of hair and hold it diagonally from your roots. Now using your straightener keep twisting it, first inwards and then outwards as you slide it down the hair. The more you twist the straightener the more tightly the wave will be. These alternating movements of your iron is the trick that will give gorgeous waves to your hair.


There are a couple of approaches to make crimped hair with hair straighteners however, according to me this one is by far the easiest to execute perfectly. Start by plaiting your hair in little segments and make sure to run the braid to the tip of your hair. Get your straightening iron properly heated and run it down the braid till the very end. Now all you got to do is leave them to cool off completely and spray them with some hairspray before taking out the braids and uncovering the final look.


A diehard fan of casual beach waves?

Then you’re bound to try this one out. Divide your hair into small sections, take one of them and start twisting it with your hand. Twist it down till the very end, followed by clamping the twisted section with a straightening iron and applying heat evenly. Now let it cool down a little, and open it with the help of your fingers. You’re all set, my beachy beauty!


Just a casual day out with your friends? You can use a straightening iron to create a chic blow dried effect. Take a section of hair from the front and clamp it with the straightener, rotating it inwards, just like you did for creating classic curls. Now roll this curled portion inwards and pin it for a while.

Take off the pins, comb the hair 2-3 times and you’re all set to rock the blow-dried look!

Proven tips to protect your hair from heat

Excessive heat styling has its own negative points but we’re here to rescue your hair from any damage. Here’s a list of some super-easy tips that if followed well, will surely shield your hair strands from any negative effects of heat styling. Let’s begin!

  • Heat Protectants in the very start

It must be kept in mind, that a heat protectant product that suits your hair type must never be skipped, whenever you’re planning to style your hair with any heating tools. Try to search for a product that contains silicones and humectants, as these help to lock moisture into your hair, keeping frizziness at bay.

  • Make sure to choose a good quality product

This one’s extremely important to protect your hair from any unwanted damage. Always go for a good quality straightener or curling iron, as the material that is used in them, directly impacts the amount of damage that might occur. Beware and choose wisely!

  • Make sections when you style

Always divide your hair into smaller sections when planning to use a heating tool. This especially applies to the girls that have thick hair type. Make sure you work on small sections.

  • Check the temperature

Keeping the temperature of the styling tool, under tolerable limits is extremely crucial when it comes to exposing your hair to direct heat. It must be noted that temperatures anywhere between 200°F to 400°F works perfectly well for most of the people. In addition to that, go for a product that has digital temperature monitor, if possible.

A simple tip in case of hair dryers is to test the heat at the back of your palm, and making sure it feels comfortable enough.

  • No heat to damp hair

This is the biggest mistake most girls tend to do. It must be understood that any application of direct heat to damp hair is making them all the more damaged. It basically converts moisture to steam and causes excessive damage while escaping. Along with that, it also must be noted, that damp hair are comparatively more fragile and more prone to damage. So, take extra care and always make sure to let your hair dry before any kind of heat- styling.

  • Control yourself!

I know, there are times when you’ll feel that the straightening results are not good enough or the curls are not as expected, but it is highly advisable to resist yourself from using a heating tool at the same section, over and over again.

Along with that, it also is important to remember that leaving any heating tool for more than 5 seconds on to your hair can lead to excessive damage. So ladies, please control your desires!

  • Take a break

No matter how often and how much you feel to style your hair using these heating tools but it really is recommended to prevent doing it continuously every other day. Give your hair some break and let them breathe! Use a hair mask or just ask your mommy to give you a good hair massage so that your luscious locks stay well-nourished always. Deep conditioning is another beneficial way to minimize heat damage. In addition to that, you might also opt for a leave-in-conditioner for extra protection.

  • Make trimming a ritual

Most of the people are not really aware of the fact that heat styling tools damage your hair ends the most. Making trimming a habit, will take care of any split ends and will also keep your hair healthy throughout.

All you need to do is divide the hair in sections, twist them and trim all the split ends that you see popping out. Similarly you may also trim the ends a bit, that’ll keep your hair appear luscious and adequately nurtured.

Best heat protectant products to shield your locks!

It indeed turns out be extremely important for each of us to always use heat protectants to create a kind of “safety mask” for the hair, and protect them from the excessive damage that direct heating may cause.

Heat protectants are available in a wide variety of formulas, ranging from serums, sprays, oils to creams. All you got to do is select the product that suits your hair type perfectly. All my girls, who’re quite lucky to have naturally thick and curly hair, must use thick cream-based products to create a protective shield in order to help you prevent any unexpected hair damage.

On the other hand, all those who have silky fine tresses, should rather opt for a hair protectant serum or spray to make sure that it doesn’t weigh your hair down.

Now let’s get directly into the list of super-awesome hair protectants that are sure to work like “warriors”, shielding you against any adverse effects that might result from excessive heating.

  • Living Proof Restore Instant Protection

• Living Proof Restore Instant Protection

Thin and fine hair are indeed very manageable but a real issue that crops up is that any cream-based or oil-based products tend to weigh them down. And if too you’re going through the same, then here is a lightweight spray that’ll surely be your life savior.

The best part about this spray is that it not just protects your hair from excessive heat damage but also provides an instant shine to your hair. All you got to do is spray it on dry or wet hair, whenever in need and you’re good to go!

PRICE : $56.56

  • TRESemme Thermal Creations Heat Tamer Spray

TRESemme Thermal Creations Heat Tamer Spray

This super-amazing product, enriched with the goodness of crucial vitamins, is a perfect solution for heat protection. The coverage of this spray is surprisingly large and you won’t need more than 3 repetitions to get it all done. Most of the hairstylists swear by this unmatched product from TRESemme.

So, what are you waiting for?

PRICE : $ 31.04

  • African Pride Anti-Humidity Heat Protectant Spray

African Pride Anti-Humidity Heat Protectant Spray

So, this one’s for all my curly haired beauties! This “one in a million” product, safeguards your tresses against almost 400 degrees of heat, avoids them from looking greasy and takes care of the “shine quotient” as well. So, no matter what styling tool you’re planning to use, just spray a little of this onto hair and you’re ready to try a new style, even if you have the most unmanageable curly hair type.


PRICE : $11.95

  • Aveda Brilliant Damage Control

Aveda Brilliant Damage Control

This one’s a true rock star! What I immensely love about this product is the fact that it takes care of your hair from the very start. Yes, you don’t have to spray it after detangling but before it, to ensure extra protection and reduced damage.

And the best part, its fragrance is just too heavenly to not fall in love instantly! Take my words on that!

PRICE :$25.77

  • BBlunt Intense Moisture Hair Serum

BBlunt Intense Moisture Hair Serum

Do you feel that your hair are just too thick and frizzy? Or just too unmanageable at times? Give this one a shot then!

This commendable product is loaded with the goodness of jojoba, avocado and argan oils, so as to provide not just protection against heat effects but also deep nourishment and extra shine.

Say hello to silky, smooth hair!

PRICE : $6.27

  • TONI & GUY Hair Heat Protection Mist

 TONI & GUY Hair Heat Protection Mist

This one has been a cult favorite for most of the hairstylists. Highly recommended for those having curly hair, this product is par excellence when it comes to how effectively it safeguards your luscious locks against any bad effects of heat and keeps them well-maintained for long. Truly, a classic option!

PRICE : $ 18.80

  • Redken Extreme Anti-Snap Leave-In Treatment

Redken Extreme Anti-Snap Leave-In Treatment

Have you been ignoring using a proper hair protectant product, until now? Then I surely can imagine the amount of damage that has already been done.And the solution for it now? Use this magical leave-in treatment in order to reverse most of the damage that has nearly destroyed the quality of your hair strands. It has been explicitly designed to repair and strengthen your damaged hair. Along with all these advantages, it also works wonderfully well to control excessive hair fall and split ends.

PRICE : $13.50

  • Ouidad Climate Control Heat and Humidity Gel

Ouidad Climate Control Heat and Humidity Gel

This lightweight product surely deserves an award for its spell-binding properties to tackle dryness, frizziness and split ends. Its formula is enriched with special plant extracts, vitamins and wheat protein to help nurture your hair strands well and shield them against heat damage. This Climate Control Heat and Humidity Gel is undoubtedly a “must try” product. GO FOR IT!

PRICE: $75

  • Schwarzkopf Styliste Ultime Crystal Shine Heat Protection Spray

Schwarzkopf Styliste Ultime Crystal Shine Heat Protection Spray

Are heat protectant sprays just meant to provide protection against heat damage? I guess, no!  And this specially formulated product proves it really well. Along with commendable shielding effects, Schwarzkopf Styliste Ultime Crystal Shine Heat Protection Spray provides your hair with incredible shine as well! Thanks to the micro-fix technology and liquidized crystals that it is enriched with.

PRICE: $ 31.65

Final take

So, finally we come to an end of this super- informative article.

Hairstyling is indeed a crucial part of dressing up for any event and heat styling tools make it a lot easier to reach the goal. Though it comes with its own set of drawbacks too. Anyone who uses these styling tools frequently is prone to damage, especially those having fine quality of hair.  Excessive use of direct heat affects the keratin layer that protects the hair and lead to frizzy tresses that look dry and unhealthy.

I hope all the above mentioned hair care tips and heat protectant products will surely help you any drawbacks whatsoever, thus, keeping your locks luscious, bouncy, attractive and nurtured always.

We’ll come up with another creative topic soon, until then, take good care of yourself and keep smiling!


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