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Most of us begin experimenting with facial make up for special occasions. However, you can look gorgeous on everyday basis too by learning how to deftly work on your face to enhance your features. In fact, your everyday look could be so subtle that people may not even realize you have make-up on. Find out makeup tips and tricks that may leave people guessing as to what you did to look so attractive.

Makeup Kit - makeup brushes

A flawless Make-up Base

For starters shop for facial skin primers and foundations by getting help from the experts. Your local beautician would be gracious enough to tell you what exactly you need to buy. These products must match your skin tones to the tee. Even eye makeup and lipsticks should complement your skin colour and hair colour. Choose well and never hesitate to get advice from the best. A makeover works wonders especially if you have a few make-up tricks up your sleeve.

makeup base for flawless makeup

Start by evenly patting on some base primer to smoothen your skin. Dabbing a little amount of primer around your eyes effectively minimizes the crow’s feet. Make sure your primer compliments your foundation. Next mark areas with a foundation stick to contour the areas you need to highlight – your hollows under cheekbones, temples, jawline, sides of your nose, the tip of the nose, and the crease of your eyes.

Apply foundation with a light hand to make your skin radiant and do not forget the neck areas. Next use face powder to give the dewy finished look for a glowing appearance to the skin. Go for the matte pressed face powder that provides a porcelain look adding a fine smooth texture to your face. Finally dab rouge lightly to highlight and contour your face.

Alluring Eye makeup

Alluring Eye Makeup

Use a brow pencil making deft feathery strokes on your eyebrows to make them appear slightly darker. Depending on occasion and hours (day or night) dab some eye shadow and make sure the colours compliment the colour of your eyes. Apply an eye liner carefully to enhance the shape of your eyes. Lastly use mascara lightly to plump up your eyelashes.

Perfect Lip Colour

lipstick for bright makeup

If your eye makeup is soft then go for a brilliant shade of lipstick. Conversely if your eye makeup is vivid apply a paler shade of lip colour. The trick is to highlight either eyes or lips at one time unless it’s an occasion that calls for dazzling makeup.  When it comes to lipstick the trick is to put lipstick first and then go for the lipliner. This way you will know exactly how to line.

Once you follow this order in applying makeup, with time it will become a habitual practice. The more you experiment the more different results you will have.  You must do your makeup in natural light that lets you see how it really looks. Makeup looks different under artificial lights and you can keep trying different styles. Enjoy the aura of makeup that makes you look wonderful. Keep exploring and practicing to express yourself through makeup.


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