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We all wish to make our mornings cheerful and it can definitely become one if we successfully pull on the task of deciding our outfit well. Psssh! ( Which 9 out of 10 times fails) making our morning grumpy and frustrated. The whole wardrobe seems like it’s just not made for you and the best looking clothes too seem not to impress you well. But it’s just the part of the late morning and our rush to get ready that takes a toll on us. At that time what you need to do is just breathe in and out. And yeah don’t overthink. Just by matching some basics and styling them with a statement making piece along with a pair of decent looking shoes you can make your OOTD super awesome and then you are definitely ready to take on the day.

So, here we present you 8 cute OOTD which everyone would definitely be jealous of for sure.

Pleasure with Athleisure

Athleisure Look

This look is quite trendy as well as popular nowadays as many of the girls desire a statement look which will make them look stylish yet will be super comfortable to carry. And the athleisure look is the one which will make you feel exactly like that. This look is a gym attire look just except the sweaty and sticky you after the workout. You can pair your look with cute athletic sneakers or sport shoes and yeah leggings are a must. Just look how you pull it out well without much effort being quite eazy peezy.

The women in black look

Women in Black Look

We all love black,  who doesn’t man??? It is a universal color which looks good on anyone anyways. When we all are confused of which color to choose then black is the one to go with as it has no shades which can confuse us.LOL!!! But black is a color which can string together your bad ass chic look. What you just need to do is put on a 3 black ratio -black-on black-on black and pair it with a statement accessory.

G for Graphics

Graphic T-Shirt Look

Graphic T’s are taking on the fashion trend once again. While the trend of band shirts and logos are still on the go the trending graphic t shirts are much more variable ranging from feminist messages, silly lines and images made by contemporary artists. But there’s a slight twist to it as nowadays girls knot these tshirts or wear them as a dress, distress it or tuck it in as they like. These look slightly gives a retro style or 90’s glam look making the look quite interesting.

It’s sometimes good to be a jeans and t-shirt type of girl

Jeans Top Look

Every time we take on an outfit we need to think of our comfort too. And most of us are very comfortable in a jeans and t-shirt so some other time we can definitely skip our dresses and skirts and replace it with our very own pair of jeans and t-shirt. And believe me just go for your cute t shirt and a good fit pair of jeans and you are ready!! Quite simple right?

Jeans and Red Top

Ssshhh!!! they are dresses and not skirt and shirts

Winter Dresses Style

Missing on those perfect fit dresses in winter. Then pair it with a high knit sweater or a loose fitting sweatshirt and step out to turn heads and no one would know they are your winter outfits. Also you can pair a warm dress with a t-shirt. Just knot it and tug and see how your dress resembles a skirt.

Dress With Sweater

Sweaters are ready to save

Sweater Look

Who says sweaters are only for saving you from the chilly weather. They can save your day too. If you have an ill fitted sweater which protects your fingers, nails and your thighs too then it’s time to make proper use of it. Fold the sleeves till your wrist and put on a scarf with leggings and ankle length booths. Style it with a locket or a neck piece and we are sure you will be the winter queen with the best outfit

Keep it short

Vertical Striped Shorts

What’s the fun when the shorts are not too short. Whether you are pairing a denim shorts or basics or the printed ones make sure it is not too tight or too baggy as it may spoil your look. The top or shirt you choose depends on which type of shorts you are wearing. If you are going for a printed shorts then keep the top or tshirt plain and if the shorts are plain then go for  printed breezy tops. Just make sure to accessorize your look well with proper footwear.

Short Dress

Maxi for the maximum

Maxi Style Dress

Maxi’s are super stylish yet very comfortable to carry( depends on the fitting and of course the design). Any ordinary day will not be so ordinary when you put on a maxi. A light breezy maxi will just give you an easy going look with some statement earrings and comfortable footwear. Or if you go for a dark and bold one you will get a hot chic look with the plunging neckline or the statement slit on the thigh.


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