DIY Face Scrubs

The secret beauty weapon for ageless, plump, glowing skin all year round is Inspiration. Skin is constantly regenerating, leaving dead skin cells on the surface. This creates dryness, texture and blotchy skin. Routine exfoliation is beneficial. Regular exfoliation strengthens your skin’s  barrier function, improves hyper pigmentation and provides you with preventive anti-aging benefits.

The beauty industry has a million product that will exfoliate your skin. Products that contain plastics, irritating fragrances, glycerine, parabens and other questionable ingredients. This commercial products can do a lot of damage to the delicate facial skin. So before you reach out for those commercial exfoliators and scrubs, here are some natural facial scrub ideas. Use this easy to make facial scrubs to revive, rejuvenate and add freshness  to your face using natural ingredients.

Lemon and sugar face scrub

DIY Lemon Sugar Scrub

Infused with natural exfoliants that remove dead skin cells, lemon can help to a blackheads acne and also discoloration. Honey on the other hand, works as a natural antioxidant and helps moisturize and heal inflamed skin. Mix 1 cup sugar with half tablespoon of honey. Add half tablespoon of fresh lemon juice. Stir vigorously for sometime. Apply on your face and scrub for few minute before washing with cold water.

Coffee and cocoa facial scrub

Coffee Cocoa Scrub

This coffee scrub add brightness to any skin and can even reduce puffiness because both the ingredients contain caffeine. When you add honey and a dairy product like milk or yogurt, it is even better and ultra moisturizing. The formula may be tailor made to specifically target your skin kind. While cream, honey or yogurt is great for dry skin, adding lemon juice is best for oily skin.

Pineapple and papaya facial exfoliating mask

Pineapple and Papaya Face Mask

Both pineapple and papaya and natural exfoliants. For better result add almond oil, brown sugar and honey. Let it sit on your face for few minutes and then gently massage the product in circular motion. Your skin will feel fantastic and the fruity aroma is sure to invigorate all your senses.

Baking soda as facial scrub

Baking Soda Scrub

Mostly all the expensive exfoliants contain baking soda as a main ingredient. Baking soda is very gentle on irritated skin but still does an excellent job of removing dead skin cells. Mix baking soda with your regular skin cleanser or make a paste with one tablespoon of baking soda and 2 teaspoon of water and use it as any other scrub. It is just that easy!

Apple cider vinegar facial scrub

Apple Cider Vinegar

Apple cider vinegar contains natural alpha hydroxy acids, which helps loosen dead skin cells so they will naturally slough off. But using apple cider vinegar could don’t be easier. Soak cotton balls in apple cider vinegar and rub it on your face, neck and chest in circular motion and then wash it off as usual.

Ground rice facial scrub

Rice Flour Scrub

Ground rice flour is another gentle yet effective all-natural exfoliant. The texture of ground rice and softness of the tiny granules are what makes this product so effective. It is also very absorbent, so it can soak up an excess oil which helps keep pores clean and clear. Mix two tablespoon of ground rice with one tablespoon of honey for a great anti-blemish exfoliant that is safe for all skin types.

Chocolate sugar face scrub

Sugar and Coffee Scrub

Chocolate is high in antioxidants and has anti aging properties. It also increases the production of collagen, hydrate skin and imports a glow to the face making it silky soft. And one fourth cup of brown sugar, one teaspoon of an olive oil, 2 tablespoon cocoa powder and one fourth tablespoon of vanilla extract in a small bowl. Lather generously on to clean face, rubbing gently into skin for 60 seconds. Allow to set on skin for ten minutes, if desired, then rinse clean with lukewarm water.

Fuller’s Earth and Aloe Vera scrub

Aloe Vera and Fuller Earth

When it comes to skin care, there is almost nothing that fuller’s Earth can’t take care of. From providing a soothing and cooling effect to helping decrease any rashes and get rid of dance fuller’s Earth is your best bet. Aloe vera on the other hand, significantly lightens the skin and also act as a cleanser. Mix two cups of fuller’s earth with one table spoon of freshly extracted aloe vera gel. You can also add few drops of rose water or essential oil any of your choice for an instant boost. Mix well to fine paste. Apply on your face and massage gently for 3 to 4 minutes and let it sit on your face for 10 minutes and then wash it off with cold water.


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