Super Smooth Silky Hair

Hair tends to lack sheen when it’s not healthy. When you are here is well nourished and moisturized, it has cuticles that lie flat against the hair shaft. When light hits this hair, the smooth surface allows the light to bounce right off, making your hair look shiny. However, with unhealthy hair, the cuticles rise and do not allow light to bounce off your hair. Unhealthy hair also lead to problems like frizz, breakage and split ends.

There is no magic trick that will ensure your hair always has a same quality and texture. You have to be consistent in taking care of it. No matter, however long and thick your hair gets lack of luster, shine and softness can create it additional harm prone. If you are looking cure for your frizzy, dull, rough hair-  check out these simple techniques to make your hair look silky and smooth.

Apply an egg mask on your hair

Egg Mask

Egg makes your hair look shinier and healthier instantly. It also makes your hair look thicker when used regularly. An egg treatment may help thicken and strengthen person’s hair. Take 2 eggs and 4 tablespoon of an olive oil and blend together. Apply to hair for 20 to 25 minutes, make sure you wear a shower cap whenever you apply hair mask it helps hair to get proper hydration. Rinse off the mask and you will find your hair thoroughly conditioned and shiny. The nutrients in the egg act as deep conditioner that helps to add shine and texture to dull hair.

Good oil massage

Oil Massage

To restore health and strength, you can try applying hot oil weekly to hair as beauty routine. A good head massage with hot oil (coconut oil, avocado oil, olive oil or almond oil) improve blood circulation in your scalp which is good for healthy hair. Coconut is one of the most popular ingredients in hair care and  for a good reason. It is rich in medium fatty chain acids and has antimicrobial properties that make it an effective solution for nourishing your hair. It is one of the most penetrative oils, which allows to be seeped right into your hair shaft. Warm up your  oil and massage oil to the scalp and wet hair with your finger. Wrap your head with hot towel. Leave it for an hour and then rinse off out with shampoo.

Opt for healthy hair diet

Omega 3 Food

You can modify the approach your hair appears and feels by rising your diet. It’s all about eating right vitamins and minerals your body needs to sustain for healthy and shiny hair strands from inside out. Whether its leafy green or a dash of certain spices, different foods can help give your hair a boost it needs. Certain food items rich in Omega 3 gives your hair luster. Foods rich in vitamin C helps build collagen, which makes your hair stronger and soothe your dry scalp and hydrates it. Soya flour is packed with biotin. This hair friendly vitamin is  for anyone who is looking to improve their hair.

Honey and olive oil

Honey and Olive Oil

This mask is sweet for each hair and scalp. It will make your hair silky and smooth. Add equal parts of honey and olive oil and mix well in a bowl. Apply to damp hair, scalp and cover it with warm damp towel. Let it sit for half an hour, then wash it off. This mask helps to repair split ends and help to improve the  manageability of rough hair, adding an extra shine to it.

Go easy on washing your hair

Hair Wash With Luke Warm Water

It’s easy to get silky, smooth hair, if you use the right techniques. Wash it less frequently and opt for gentle products that will help you achieve super smooth tresses. Wash your hair few times a week instead of everyday. Find the washing routine that’s right for you. Always use cold water or lukewarm water to rinse your hair. Cold water helps hair shaft lie flat so when it dries it has a smooth shiny appearance. Try out deep conditioning treatment for instantly smooth and silky locks.

Choose your products wisely

A deep conditioner with Vitamin hydrates without adding heavy oils that weigh down your hair. Soap for bouncy and shiny hair go for the conditioner with Vitamin E. For dull hair amp up gloss with an oil treatment. It will smooth brittle ends too. For damaged hair, pick a formula with keratin. It adds shine and strength in hair to prevent further breakage.

Keep away from the heat for a while


Hair styling tools like curling irons, blow dryer and straighteners are the best way for instant styling. But these hot styling tools are extremely harmful for your hair. The heat can seriously damage your hair, making it frizzy and lifeless. So avoid using these tools and let your hair dry naturally. This will help you restore your shine and also prevent further damage.


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