Trendy Streetwear For Men

Introduction – Men’s Fashion Clothing

Streetwear has become a common term in fashion circles. Once popular only among skateboarders and counter cultures, streetwear is now officially a part of any high fashion brands. Brands that once specialized in luxury clothing and sportswear have entered the streetwear market. Streetwear is regularly featured on runways. Even the streetwear market has expanded. It is common to see sneakers, hoodies, etc. on at any informal gathering. Streetwear consists of comfortable but stylish apparel, such as graphic T-shirts, hoodies and sneakers. Here are some of the trending brands that should be on your radar.


Stussy Men Streetwear

Stussy is credited with being one of the pioneers of streetwear. It began as a small graphic tee brand by California surfer Shawn Stussy. It exponentially grew to include surfwear, skatewear and is now a streetwear giant. Stussy designs are eye catching and forward-thinking. The brand is still going strong, even after 40 years. It has collaborated with Nike, Huarache. Working with celebrities like Drake, Stussy has created limited edition pieces. Stussy is one of the driving forces in the streetwear scene of the US.


Supreme Clothes for Men

A top of the charts streetwear brand from New York, Supreme started out originally as a skatewear brand. Since then it has become an integral part of any streetwear fashion statement. It is perhaps the first name from anyone’s lips regarding street fashion. It has collaborated with luxury fashion giants such as Rolex and Louis Vuitton. Supreme has revolutionized the supply-demand model. The brand features weekly ‘drops’ that feature the latest pieces. These pieces are in limited numbers. This has people lining up around the corner for a chance to update their wardrobes. For those thinking of buying streetwear, Supreme is an obvious choice.


Bape Outfit for Men

Bape stands for A Bathing Ape. Bape is perhaps the most popular Japanese streetwear brand. It was founded in Tokyo in the 90s. It is famous for its camouflage prints. But Bape camouflage is nowhere as boring as actual camouflage prints. Bape goes for bright colours in all of their pieces. They also feature gaudy graphics. It is perfect for those looking for a Japanese touch in their streetwear. Bape also comes up with really quirky designs once in a while, with pieces such as shark hoodies. Bape should definitely be considered when updating a streetwear wardrobe.


Nike is well known as a sportswear giant. But it branched out a long time ago. It caught up with the skate scene and other cultures during the rise of the popularity of sneakers. Nike’s contribution to the sneaker culture is vast. The Air Max and Air Jordans are perhaps the epitomai of Nike’s success in the sneaker market. It has collaborated with countless other brands such as Supreme, Off-White, Louis Vuitton etc. and has made its definite mark in streetwear.


Off White Clothing For Men

Off White was founded by the legendary director of Louis Vuitton, Virgil Abloh. This brand takes a large share of the credit when it comes to introducing streetwear in the luxury fashion, and is perhaps the first to introduce streetwear to runways. It was responsible for formally making streetwear a distinct fashion statement. It is perhaps this revolution that initiated many of the collaborations with luxury fashion houses. Off White is popular for its bold designs and ironic labels. It has collaborated with plenty of fashion giants. It has achieved an iconic status in the world of streetwear.


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