mettalic wedding dress

Brides today want the most up-to-date wedding dress to mark their special day as well as make a memorable style statement. Wedding dresses are getting more interesting and the coming season is set to showcase all manner of materials and hues from blush, to lavender and even blue. You will be truly spoiled for choice with the collections and trends.

Contemporary fashion trends for wedding dresses go by the rule that there are no rules. Explore the latest fashions and opt for modern bridal outfits. Here are 10 trending wedding dress styles that brides may want to check out. Whether you want to shimmer in metallics or wear coloured wedding dresses, know what’s in store for you.

Minimal wedding dress

minimal wedding gown

Girls vouch for the minimal wedding dress that says less is more. Wedding dresses this season are going minimal and many a girl will just love the chic style of the modern, minimalistic gowns. These skilfully crafted creations make a huge impact.

Halter-neck wedding dress

halter neck wedding dress

The halter-neck wedding dress is all the rage and young brides are going absolutely gaga over them. A bride may have her pick of the halter-neck gowns by celebrated stylists offering their creativity.

Gold and metallic wedding dresses

mettalic wedding dress

Gold and metallic wedding dresses are catching up fast. They are making waves in the wedding dress market with brides loving the shimmering silver and rose gold tone dresses. Both gold and metallic dresses are attractive.

Blue wedding dresses

blue wedding dress

Blue wedding dresses are breaking traditions and inspiring brides to try on something different. Top rated designers are incorporating baby blue tones into their wedding dress collections. Since the traditional white gown may be worn just once brides are keen on baby blue as it can be worn again.

Modern bridal dresses

modern bride dress

Modern bridal dresses opt for fresh trends that could be subtle or bohemian. Designers are even going with printed patterns to offer newer designs for an entirely different take on style that remains wearable later on.

Separates and one-piece style

separated bridal dress

Separates and one-piece styles are also very much in vogue and they do stand out as trendy wedding dresses. Some brides can look stunning in a lace shirt and-jacket ensemble or even a glitter-encrusted jumpsuit.

Sparkle wedding dresses

sparkle wedding dress

Sparkle wedding dresses are quite becoming for the wedding day and include cool shimmering sheaths with shiny fringes to add a festive look.

Short wedding-dresses

short wedding dress

Short wedding-dresses are precious as they make everything so much more comfortable. With coordinated accessories they look cool putting the bride at complete ease.

Flowing long dresses

long wedding dress

Flowing long dresses are of course the stuff of dreams. Either backless or with stylised designer sleeves they are perfect for both church and beach weddings.

Calf length wedding dresses

short bridal dress

Calf length wedding dresses in softly textured materials look and feel gracious. They look absolutely stunning on older brides who want to look their best on their special day.

Now that you have a sense of the variety of trends in wedding attire you may browse for bridal dresses to pick one of your choice. The key is to know what will look good on you and allow you to flaunt that outstanding feature in a wedding dress to make you feel special.



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