Heels Damaging Health

While we all love to flaunt the latest in fashion and look our best, not all clothing created equal when it comes to its impact on your health. There are many ridiculous things women and men wear just to follow the trend. You will be surprised all these fashion thingies you have been using and trusting daily, but they were Satan in disguise of angels. It seems your consumer goods can hurt you in pretty serious ways which can result in long term complications. Here’s how-

High Heels

High Heels

Many women enjoy rocking high heels. The higher the heels, the better is considered from the fashion perspective. They pose certain health risks that are hard to ignore. High heels typically lack shock absorption, which may lead to local callosities. These conditions can become quite serious if you don’t give your feet chance to heal. Heels put unnecessary pressure on your spine, back and knees. Wearing heels for a longer period of time may lead to metatarsalgia, which is painful type of inflammation that occurs in ball of foot as a result of repeated pressure on the metatarsal bone. High heels can also lead to sprain and back ache.

Toxic fabrics

Whenever we go for shopping of clothes, we don’t know how toxic and harmful that piece of fabric could be for our health. All synthetic fibers include nylon, polyester, lycra and spandex. These are units  synthesized from numerous parts into massive molecules by reacting numerous chemicals with one other. These fabrics are a bad conductor of heat. It doesn’t allow the sweat and body heat to pass through. These fabrics also leads to skin allergies, eye watering and is a known potent carcinogen. These fabrics have an antistatic substance which can lead to hyper skin pigmentation, dermatitis, dizziness and headache.



People who are predisposed of vaginal infection have an increased susceptibility to infection when wearing a thong. This is because bacteria have stronger grounds to breed in things as compared to full underwear because most of the thongs are made up of non-breathable synthetic material. Thongs can also cause small tearing and deep cuts. It can also lead to chafed skin , irritation and also increases the chances of UTI.

Skinny Jeans

Skinny Jeans

Overly tight pants or jeans can lead to fungal infection like thrush. Sheer tightness of skinny jeans can cause numbness and tingling in your legs and their tactness around your waist can lead to a condition called acid& reflux. Skinny jeans in extreme cases can also lead to compartment syndrome. These skinny jeans can actually restrict your movements. In long term, they also affect your posture and cause problems in back and neck.


Shape Wear

Shape wear helps women to get the desired shape of their body. It can an hide your belly, make you look curvy, protrude the bums and upper curves. Since shape wear is meant to be extremely tight and firm fitting, it can put unnecessary and unwanted pressure on your internal organs. It can also exacerbate acid reflux and heart burn. Nerve damage can also be an unhappy side effect when your shape wear is constricting your sides and thighs.

Ill Fitted bras

Fitted Bras

It is found that 30-40% of women wear the wrong size of bras. And when it comes to wrong bra size, there are various health problems that can arise from wearing the wrong bra, especially in women who are well endowed. Most of the women wearing the wrong bra experience back and shoulder pain. The stopping of the breast is additionally oft  seen and it may get ugly.

Yoga pants

Yoga Pants

Yoga pants are a wardrobe staple for many women. But who thought that tight, stretchy fabric can be your worst enemy. Yoga pants can prevent your sweat glands from drowning properly, which leads to rashes, butt and leg acne and fungal infections. So, it’s important to opt for loose clothing, especially when you are working out.

Heavy jewelry

Heavy Jewelry

Heavy earrings can cause strain on the ear lobes. The piercing in the ear lobe can enlarge, which can lead to tearing. Heavy necklaces and chains can place a great deal of strain and pressure on your neck, back and chest. Oversized bracelets and rings have been known to cause wrist, arm, hand and finger pain.

Giant handbags


Carrying oversized handbags have become a trend in the fashion world. But bigger the size, the more will be the pressure on your shoulder. It leads to slating and disfigured posture. Huge handbags also lead to unnecessary pressure and strain on your back, shoulders and elbows. So in order to combat this giant purse problem, you should opt for a smaller bag or the purse which isn’t heavy on its own.

Tight belts

Tight Belts

Use of tight belts causes the problem in breathing, squeezes your belly and may lead to heartburn. It doesn’t matter how cool you might look, you should never harm your body and health for outward appearance.


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